So the winter season is here, it’s snowing somewhere, it’s freezing cold somewhere, it’s mildly cold almost everywhere. I thought of some sort of build up and then start this list of things, but lets just cut the crap and see the best things to do this winter


SEX: There I said it. Yes, the best thing to do in this crazy winter is to have sex. Have sex with your partner. If you don’t have a partner find one. If you can’t find one use Tinder or any dating app. If you can’t even do that then go for paid sex (Just beware of STD’s). If that’s also a pain then just go and masturbate (it’s self-sex for crying out loud). I know it’s a cliche thing to say, even research says Winter Sex is far better than Summer Sex. Now get out of the quilt and find a partner and get laid. If you find multiple partners or already have them share them with your needy friends. Good Karma goes a long way. 


OLD MONK & COKE: Now this one my second favorite thing in winters in my part of the world. Just for reference OLD MONK is a dark rum and can be had with coke, warm water or neat as your own prefernce. The ones who have this drink now how awesome it is. And for the ones who haven’t you are missing out on something superb. And it also health benefits (If you believe in them) 






old monk.jpg

EAT MERRY & BE HAPPY: Its Holiday times, all the shit that had to happen has already happened. No point dwelling on it and there is always next year and the year after that. So be kind, spread love and be happy in the final days of this year.