The tower of masculinity formed a perfect tent in Avinash’s blanket. He was still asleep when he slid his hands lower into his boxers. He had always slept topless just wearing a pair of boxers. It was more convenient and comfortable that way. It made certain places easier to access. Avinash woke up with his throbbing and paining member in his hand. He was lucidly stroking it, dreaming about how tasty Gilly was the day before. He hadn’t had the time to relieve himself of the stimulation and passion he witnessed Yesterday. He did not want to touch himself anymore. “I’ll save myself for Gilly, don’t touch yourself now, boy”. He told himself.

He was excited about his date with Gilly at 12 today. He entered his spotless white bathroom and stood on the little white rug just under the washbasin. With a splash of cold water on his face, he was now wide awake. He looked in the mirror and admired how all those hours in the gym were finally paying off. Flexing his slightly hairy chest and perfectly developed triceps he stood there stretching his muscular neck where symmetrical collar bones complimented his adam’s apple. He bathed and got ready for today’s adventure.

The regular denims and t-shirt were not for today. He wanted to look special for Gilly. He wore a striped black shirt with black trousers fashioned with a chrome buckled belt. Glistening black shoes were thrown in without a second thought. “6 Burst’s of aqua based fragrance should do it.” he thought to himself.

He stepped in his car and sprayed the car perfume that he much liked. It took him half an hour to get to Gilly’s house. He called Gilly and Informed her that he was there. Gilly wanted to make him wait a bit more. The huge metal and wooden door opened and his eyes lit up. Never before had Gilly looked so ravishing. Never before had Gilly looked to mesmerizing, Never before had he skipped various heart beats in an instant. His smile broadened and he watched her make way towards the car. She had shiny black hair well assembled with a black hair band.  She wore a black sleeveless top with little white flowers on lower left side complimented with a light beige frilled skirt just above the knee length. And those black boots visually enhanced her smooth, spotless and shimmering white legs. What a sight it was for Avinash.


Gilly laughed and closed Avinash’s mouth as she sat in the car. She could clearly see that her longer than usual morning routine had worked. “So what’s the plan” Gilly enquired as she shut the door.  “We are going to watch a movie today.” said Avinash. “I don’t want to watch a movie, how un-romantic of you” frowned Gilly. “I wish we could talk and spend some time together. Let’s go to that new place by the defence colony market, I’ve heard they serve excellent pastas and cocktails.” Gilly suggested. Avinash nodded and turned the car around to “DEFFCOL” as the gen now calls it.

They parked the car and walked towards the new place that Gilly had suggested earlier. It was a pleasant day and they opted to be seated on the roof top. They boarded the lift and were alone for a few seconds. They looked into each other’s eyes smiled. Avinash could sense some awkwardness in her smile. Maybe she wasn’t all the comfortable with had happened yesterday. Maybe she didn’t like it. Maybe she did and was shy about it. Avinash’s mind was clouded with all the thoughts when the waiter showed them their seating arrangement for the afternoon. The seats were overlooking the central park and the hustle bustle of the market.

chuttersnap-151001A white table cloth with thick red chequered pattern neatly placed under two white china plates gave the place an upmarket feel. She could see the deal of the day pamphlet on the table and two clear crystal glasses in front of her. Why is he not looking at me?” Gilly enquired in her thoughts as she saw Avinash looking down at the street and his hand on the table right next to the spotless china plate. She stretched and held his hand gaining all his attention. Avinash looked adoringly at Gilly and was glad that she had shot the elephant between them.

“So what happened to the play that you were preparing for, last week?” enquired Avinash. “Ugh, it still has to materialize. There is an argument about characters’ and lines between the director and the male lead. Feels like it’s been going on forever and the rest of the show is suffering. We have to finalize the entire act within 2 weeks. God! please help us!? Gilly prayed.

“Wow, I’m sorry I poked you there. Don’t worry, it’s going to work out. In the meantime you could practice your lines with me?” Avinash tried to help. Gilly gave him a sarcastic look and burst out laughing. ” You!! and Acting…. when did that happen?” Gilly continued laughing. Avinash also laughed slightly and softly rolled his fingers between hers gripping her hand carefully yet firm. “Why is it so funny? you’re a mean one, Gilly. I may not be good at acting but yeah I could be useful for role play.” Avinash Winked. Gilly blushed and winked back. Avinash had waited an entire day for that naughty smile. he absolutely loved an adored that smile. Something about it turned him on beyond measure. “Let’s order something, my stomach’s growling like Zeus’s lightning bolt about to hit this table” Gilly pleaded.

“I’d like to have pasta in mushroom sauce and a corona please and a thin a crust pizza with…., what beer would you like to have Avinash?” asked Gilly. “I’d like to have something stronger today, I’d like a large JD on the rocks” said Avinash. With a admiring face Gilly too ordered a JD with coke. “I thought you didn’t like hard drinks before dark”? enquired Avinash. “Yeah…why not?” answered Gilly to which Avinash ordered and poured coke in her drink. Glasses tinged together forming a sweet Halo around them. “Cheers”, they said looking into each other’s eyes.


They banged the glass on the table. It was already their 4th drink. Time had passed them by swiftly. They had talked about everything related to them and the world around them. They talked about how the girl in blonde hair sitting behind Avinash was looking trashy and Oh my god!! how her dress was hideous. They had established there was life after death. No more proof was required. They discussed how these modern places never even plastered their red brick walls and hung paintings to make them look classy. It had ring it to though.

It was time to leave now. They paid the amount and decided to take the stairs. They were both a bit tipsy and thought that a little stroll downstairs and towards the car should help them wear off the effects of that last drink. “Yes the first three never seem to do any harm, but that 4th drink! i’m telling you this isn’t right” Gilly joked as they were descending to the second floor. Avinash held her hand and realized that he had starting getting affectionate towards Gilly. He cared. He held her hand as he walked in front. “Thank you Avi, I can barely…” Gilly tripped before even finishing the sentence. Avinash held her. I’ll won’t let you fall, you don’t have to worry” said Avinash looking into her eyes as he held her tight. He held her as if his life depended on it. “Oh my!” Gilly whispered loudly enough for Avinash to hear it. He helped her straight and pinned her to the wall. They were breathing hard now. Gilly stood against the wall, Avinash holding her hands tightly by her side. Their faces close to each other. So close that Avinash’s breath made her hair strands sway back onto her lips. The soft red wall comforted her from Avinash’s grip but comfort was the last thing on her mind. She could feel his breath on her lips. She parted her lips as Avinash breathed heavier onto her lips. Closing her eyes behind a veil of her fallen messed up hair, she gave in. Avinash softly kissed her. Avinash went for her upper lip. Slowly sucked it. He could feel Gilly respond as she hugged her lower lip with her lips. “Wow! such soft lips” Gilly thought as she sucked onto his lower lips slightly harder. They kissed passionately for around two minute until they could hear footsteps stomping down the stairs. They parted and Avinash put his arm around her to escort her outside the building. They held hands as they walked to the car. No one spoke. They were now familiar with each other’s touch. The physical neurons were now firing ruthlessly transmitting the mutual passion and affection through their hands and into their hearts.


Avinash opened the door for her. She smiled and sat inside the car still holding his right hand. She let go of it as she became more comfortable in front passenger seat. He shut the door politely and rushed to the driver’s side of the car. They wanted to finish the kiss that they started but there was a lot movement around the car. A lot of people moving around. Avinash started the car and drove it out of the parking. He found himself constantly shuffling between holding Gilly’s hand and working the gears. How he wished had an automatic so that he could just hold her hand without any other task interrupting it.

“Do you remember our fresher’s party? You walked in with those friends of yours? Gilly asked Avinash. “What a lovely kid, I thought. You were tall and thin without any trace of facial hair. You looked like a half boiled egg with mush inside, ready to ooze out.” Gilly Laughed.

“Yeah, I had never seen a girl so lovely, so true, so pure. A girl with such lovely moustaches, such a true formed beard and such pure Uni-brow, I guess god took my facial hair and gave them to you. HA!” Laughed Avinash loudly. Gilly frowned and slapped Avinash on his shoulder. Avinash manoeuvred the hit well and put his arm around Gilly and squeezed her as she came close to hit him. Gilly smiled and hugged Avinash tightly.

The JD’s were kicking in now. Avinash’s arm crossed over to Gilly’s other side and accidently touched her bosom. She thought it was intentional, raising her head and looked at Avinash. She had that same naughty smile that Avinash had fell in love with. He kissed her forehead touched her collar bone. He moved his finger from one end of her shoulder to her neck grabbing it.  “So soft” Avinash thought and grabbed her neck a bit tighter, Gilly gasped for air and moaned a bit.  Avinash moved his hand inside her top slowly moving it deeper inside towards her cleavage. He could feel her soft skin developing Goosebumps from his touch. Gilly hugged him even tighter, giving him a go ahead. Gilly placed her hand on Avinash’s thighs and could immediately see that his trousers were getting a bit tighter than usual. She knew what was happening. Avinash was getting excited.

Couple Making Out in Car

Avinash rimmed his fingers politely over Gilly’s cleavage and made an outline where her bra supported her. He could feel Gilly shiver with his touch, wanting more. He was astonished to witnessed a connection where the other person’s body could respond to such polite and soft touch. Avinash Moved his a bit further started drawing straight lines onto Gilly cleavage. Up and down, slowly and smoothly. It was so soft and so polite that Avinash could feel every Goosebump and was enjoying her shaking to the beat of his finger. Avinash’s concentration was divided between driving and strategising his finger’s next move when he felt himself being unzipped. Gilly had slid down and opened Avinash’s zipper. He was aroused beyond measure. Gilly moved her hand inside the parted zipper and moved it around over his underwear feeling the effects of her charm. She started outlining Avinash’s boning member. Avinash wanted to close his eyes with pleasure but realized that he was still driving. Gilly Pulled back Avinash’s black underwear and saw his enthusiasm spring up for attention. She grabbed his member in her hand. Her tiny well manicured hand made it seem bigger. Her head was on Avinash’s lap and she looked at his manhood in her hand. She was now equally aroused. She stroked it and saw his foreskin give way to the mushroom on the top. It was her first time handling the one eyes snake. With a few more stokes, she saw it ooze pre cum. Avinash moved his hand inside her bra and cupped her perfect breast. He softly cuddled them with his hand. He was now juicing in Gilly hand and moved his finger’s around Gilly’s hardened nipple. Gilly kissed the wetness on top of his member. She kissed it again. She was adoring and admiring Avinash’s 7 inch long, thick and healthy cock.  She could barely wrap her hand around it. She wanted to do more but wasn’t sure. She kept stroking and looking at it. She opened her mouth, pulled his foreskin back and wrapped her lips around his penis’s Glans. She moved her head up and down on the head of his dick with his foreskin pulled back all the way. Avinash had never felt such pleasure. He wanted to park the car but he could still people driving around. Over taking them. Peeking inside, he didn’t care anymore and completely gave in. Gilly continued to work on his cock. Stroking it, shaking it and trying to gulp in more than she could. She wanted to devourer his cock. Avinash squeezed her tits a lot firmer now, cupping it entirely. He was also pinching her hard nipples. Gilly could feel Avinash squirm and tighten his hips. She pulled back stroked him a few more times before he shot a load full of cum all around the dashboard and steering wheel. Gilly jumped with astonishment. “That much” she blushed. Avinash pulled over and opened the dash to pull out some tissues. He cleaned everything and kissed Gilly on her forehead.

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Gilly was now cozy in Avinash’s arms and hugged him like a little kid hugging their parents when scared. Was she scared? They did not talk, just hugged the rest of the way back to her house. Avinash kissed her lips to bid her good bye. “So when do we meet next?” asked Gilly all puppy eyed. Avinash still wanted to hold her and kiss her. “Tomorrow?” asked Avinash. “Tomorrow would be perfect” smiled Gilly. ” I…..really like you Gilly” said Avinash. He stumbled and fumbled in his speech. ” I like you a lot too, Avinash” Gilly smiled and shut the car door behind her as she walked back her house.


Authored By: Guest Writer

Anurag Huria