“The car still had that sting of the unholly barf that Shweta showered us with”, she smiled and kept her beer glass on the wooden table in front of her. Gilly preferred to have beer before it got dark. She wasn’t a regular drinker but enjoyed a few beers whenever she had to meet her friends during the day. She sat facing Avinash with her right foot comfortably placed under her left thigh. The couch that enveloped them was a comfortable dark beige, the lights were dim and they had a little bowl of peanut within Gilly’s reach. “Believe me when I tell you that last night was crazy, I haven’t had such a crazy night for a while now” she said clenching a fist full of peanuts. “Everyone needs a crazy night or day once in a while, acknowledged Avinash.

This was their third date. Nothing much had happened yet. They knew each other’s hobbies, their likes, dislikes. The usual conversation. Avinash always fancied Gilly. She always fashioned a smile and her canine overpowering the front tooth made her even more appealing to Avinash somehow. He remembered stealing glances as gilly walked up the stairs ahead of him. The denims just enhanced and glorified those essential curves as she put her feet in front of the other to climb the stairs. “oh my how it forms a complete, healthy and a rosy apply” Avinash thought looking blankly at Gilly. “Another round please” Gilly requested the waiter for another round of beers, it was already their third and the aroma mixed with her own beer breath, cigarette smoke and Avinash’s perfume made her more than comfortable. She was now smiling without reason. “So, What are you thinking about?” enquired Gilly. Her gaze sent harmless tingles in Avinash’s special places. Avinash wasn’t thinking about much except for how well built Gilly was. He couldn’t shy away of her light brown eyes complimented by a thick layer of Kajol which illuminated her already spotless shimmering skin. He couldn’t help but notice the blood red gloss which were inviting him to come closer and steal whiff, slowly off her fleshy lips. He couldn’t get over her fingers that were playfully tangling the perfectly highlighted hair just above her neck.

After a pause,”I’m not sure what i’m thinking about,Gilly. I have no words, in fact I look at you and I am at a loss of words. Something’s wrong with me I guess” Gilly blushed and he could sense the naughtiness in her smile. Gilly playfully stretched her left leg touching Avinash’s thigh. It was all so innocent. Avinash noticed the move and did not want her to be as alarmed as he was since it was their first moment of physical contact after a month long relationship. Gilly was getting more comfortable, lazier and drunk as she slid deeper in to the couch putting her foot on Avinash’s upper thigh. “You look tired, did I tell you that I have a degree and have been awarded the best foot massager in India” Avinash’s sarcastic and playful comment made her giggle a bit. “I think I need a foot massage, would you mind? O great massager of India” Gilly smirked.

Avinash did not need another invitation. He caressed her feet, gently squeezing her fingers and working his way upto her ankles. He started playing with her shining anklet and was curious about the little pendant on it. Gilly could feel the soft and caressing touch and it sent shivers up her legs when he held the anklet. He was moving his hand round the ankles, gripping them just applying the right pressure. Avinash glanced at her face to see if he was getting  too adventurous and was surprised to see that Gilly had closed her eyes. She had a satisfying smile on her face.

Gilly has always been very fond of Avinash since their college days. She couldn’t stop smiling all week when Avinash proposed. She remembers checking him out all the time. His broad shoulders, unshaven charm, his cologne, his perfect hips, fair skin. How she loved when he spoke to her and looked right through her with his deep dark black eyes, how she felt secure when he put his arm around her lower waist to escort her through the crowded streets, how she blushed when he accidently brushed her Bra strap and then apologized about it. Avinash was the perfect charming guy for her.

“Feeling relaxed now”? asked Avinash. His hands had made their way through the ankle hole of her jeans and he was sensually massaging her calf muscles. “Not yet, you’re doing a fine job, sir.” she blushed and put her second foot on his thighs as well. Avinash could see that she was getting more and more comfortable with his touch and with his past experience, he could see that Gilly was now slowly squirming her lower waist slowly. “Oh My god, is she getting sticky in the right places?” He thought. Just to test that theory he moved his hand upwards almost touching the back of her knee. She had a soft and a radiant skin. He could see her make way for his hands as she spread her legs a little more.

Gilly was breathing heavy now and enjoying his warm hands her cold calves. She knew that she was ready. she flexed her pelvis more grinding it deeper into the couch. She wanted to touch herself. She wanted to know the exact effect that Avinash’s hands had on her. She realized that they were in a public place and there were people sitting all around them. She could not go any further. Gilly was already dripping would have to visit the girls room soon. She shot up and sat straight. “I need to use the girls room Avinash.” she said. he knew what was going on and why she needed to go. But there were some strange looking men occupying the table outside the washroom. “Absolutely!, let me escort you to the washroom” and he glanced over to the area where the random boys were sitting, laughing loudly and making cheap comments.

She understood and agreed. Both of them got up walked over to the washroom. Gilly looked at Avinash as he held the door open for her, standing outside the ladies room. She crossed him and entered the room not moving her eyes, they had a constant eye contact. Gilly was still moist and she had a naughty smile on her face as she entered the washroom. How Avinash wished that he could join her. He stood outside waiting for her to come out while Gilly was inside looking at the mirror with both hands on the wash basin. She realized how naive she was. “how could this happen, I’ve never let any guy touch me like this before, never before has my body reacted the way it did today. Let me just check the damage that’s been done.” she thought to herself. She released her belt buckle and undid the button for her denims. She slid her hand inside her pants making her way through and to the inside of her neon pink panties. She could feel how moist she was. She parted her lips and moved her finger around playing with her wetness. 2 minutes later she still stood there, in front of that mirror with her hair covering her face her hand inside her panties forcing her to play with herself. “This feels so good” she said to herself.

Avinash stood outside the white bathroom door, waiting. He saw the rude and ill mannered boys leave the table and move out of the cafe. He noticed the open window behind one of the tables, he saw 4 empty couches and realized that there was no one sitting there. No one could see the bathroom door. He checked for camera’s. There were no cameras there as well. he gathered all his courage and knocked on the bathroom door.

Gilly was surprised. It had been 5 minutes since she entered the washroom and was still playing with herself. She was really wet and did not want to leave. Without zipping herself up, she opened the door slightly so that Avinash could just see her face. She put her hand on the door and peeked out, still breathing heavily. Avinash held the door where she kept her hand and pushed her back and stormed inside the washroom. Gilly was taken a back as she stumbled and tried to keep her balance while Avinash bolted the door. Avinash could see Gilly standing there with her denims unbuttoned and he panties wet. They looked at each other, not blinking once. No one said a word. There was silence as Avinash advanced towards Gilly and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Gilly was still trying recover from what had happened when she was already kissing him. She closed her eyes and responded with even deeper passion. Avinash held her from the back and slid his hand inside her top. Gilly did not resist. He withdrew the kiss and looked straight into Gilly’s eyes. His hands were on her strap now. He undid the strap looking into her eyes. Gilly blushed and hugged him tight. Avinash’s plan was a go. it worked. He Kissed Gilly’s neck and pulled her hands up to remove her top and her bra. He threw the yellow top and black bra on the bathroom floor and looked at Gilly for the very first time. She covered her breasts and was a bit shy. Avinash moved from her neck to her clreavage, kissing softly. He slowly sucked her nipple and could feel it getting harder than a rock in his mouth. She kept her arms around his as he sucked her lovely petite breast and slid his hands inside her jeans pulling them down revealing her underwear. Avinash moved lower kissing her belly and continued removing her pants. He made circles round her belly button with his and took her jeans of completely.

Gilly took his tshirt off while he was still licking her belly. She was moving her hands around in his hair and pressing him closer to her belly. She was not completely wet and wanted more. She pushed Avinash lower and kept her one leg on the basin. Avinash now had the access to the sweetest fruit which he wanted to taste. He slid her panties aside and Gilly rolled her head back letting Avinash do his work. He kissed the well trimmed love spot. Avinash rolled his tongue around her clitoris and could feel Gilly move her pelvis to the beat of his tongue. He licked his way to the heavenly opening and tasted her sweet yet salty juice flowing out. He licked it all and put his tongue inside her pussy. Gilly held his head tightly and pushed it even more deeper into her. She rolled her head back and could feel that she was getting wetter and wetter for Avinash. He made her squirm more and more. He finally grabbed her ass and squeezed it thrusting his tongue deeper inside her. He could feel her walls contracting on his tongue. He was ready as he could feel her breathing heavier and deeper. She held and pulled his hair and she came. She really came hard. He could feel her body shake. He was holding her just to keep her from falling. Gilly was flushed. She came really hard and she relaxed her leg and knelt forwards to kiss Avinash. His face was covered with her love juice. She tasted herself through his mouth and they made out for a while and soon realized where they were. They had to leave before anyone came. There was no time to return the favour. She got dressed and they walked outside. Paid the due amount and left. Avinash dropped Gilly home that. He kissed her and opened the door for. “Pick me up tomorrow at 12”, Gilly winked as she jumped and hopped her way back to her house.