It was a warm evening she was sitting on the porch of her vacation home reading a book and drinking wine. A cool breeze had made it nice to sit outside. This was their vacation home, away from the rat race and madness of the city. The home was located in the middle of the hills, which was like the midpoint. The city was exactly halfway downwards and the top of the hill was exactly halfway upwards. It was a white bungalow with old English style walls. The décor inside was kept very simple and elegant. There were four bedrooms and it had two floors. The master bedroom which belonged to them was on the first floor and the rest of the rooms were on the ground floor, this was done to give them privacy in every manner.  Another good thing about this place was they didn’t have any servants as they liked to cook themselves.

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They were supposed to go together but his unexpected business meetings had kept him busy a lot. They both had built the business together but this expansion was taking a toll on them. They were now married for a few years now but they kept their romance alive. This was the first time he was stuck because of work but otherwise, he always gave his priority to her. That’s why she wasn’t complaining but she decided to take a break anyways. Although he was going to join her in a two days’ time, she still longed to see him and feel him close her.

As she was engrossed in her book, she was disrupted by a phone call. She went in to take the call on the landline, as no cell network used to come plus they had made a rule of no cell on vacations.

“Hi hottie baby” he said.

“Hey, how are you?”

“Someone is angry with me?”

“No re, I am not angry I am alone in this place without you.”

“Acha, I am sorry Shona baby. By the way I wanted to tell you that you left something behind and I have kept it safe for you.”


“It is something very important.”

“Oh! Shit did I leave my ring again?”

“Hahaha! No no, but you left something even more valuable with me.”

“And what is that”

“It’s your lovely smile. The smile that makes me love you every day. The smile that got me on the first go when we met. The smile that makes my day, the smile that keeps me warm and happy.”

“Bas bas, you can teach flattery to anyone.” She was smiling at this point.

“Your smile makes me whole, sexy ass.”

“Ya, right. So your flight is the day after at 5pm. And you should be here by max 9pm after the taxi ride.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Finish your work and then come or else you will get it from me.”

“Will you spank me, if I don’t!” The naughtiness was full on in his voice.

“You come na, then I will tell you what all I can do.”

“Hahahah! Coming soon love, miss you loads.”

“Miss you to love. Please come soon.”

She decided to take a hot warm bath and then make herself a good salad and soup for dinner.  She filled the bathtub with hot water, added the bubble bath and played soft music. She refilled her wine glass. She was staring at her body in the mirror, she was in good shape. Her boobs were firm and round. She had a few stretch marks because of the pregnancy and as always she found her ass to be a little too big. But he loved her ass a lot. And the spanking he gave it while fucking her made go crazy. She started to think about the last time they had sex when he grilled her in doggie style while spanking her brains out. Her ass was a little sore post the spanking but it was worth it. She loved the sex when it was a little rough. But she also loved it when it was lovemaking.

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With his thoughts, she went in the tub. His dick was her prized possession. She loved to play with it in any and every form. The warm water, the thoughts of his dick and the music made her a little wet. She realized it had been a very long time since she had felt herself. She wanted to take it nice and slow. She started to rub the water on her nipples imagining he would be doing this to her. She was very slow and precise in cleaning herself up. The warm water made her nipples a little hard. She was imaging his hands on her breasts while she rubbed her nipples. The slow touching was making her slightly wet. Her eyes were closed thinking he is slowly touching her neck. Then he would kiss the nape her neck and cup her breasts with his delicate hands. He would slowly squeeze her boobs while making small pecks near the nape of her neck. He would then shift her a little ahead and sit behind her in the tub. The warm water and his warm skin would just tantalize her whole body. Next, he would pour water on her with his hand and bathe her.

His touch would start at the breasts again where he would play with them again while squeezing her nipples to make them erect. She would be able to feel his dick getting bigger from behind. Then he would go down near the navel and play around it. He would trace her entire body with his fingertips. His touch was slowly and just making sure that it passes a sensation in the area. He would kiss her back and neck giving hickies when and where he could.

She was getting wetter and thinking he would start teasing her a little more. By going near her pussy but not touching it. His one hand would constantly be squeezing and pressing her breasts while the other would trace down south only to touch the pussy from the outside. He would have touched the lips of the pussy but not put the finger inside. He made sure that she was craving for it. He would have touched the upper part of the pussy, just close enough to where the lips meet. That touch would be too much to handle this warm water. He would then slowly move closer to the clit. He would start to slowly to touch the clit while her nipples were being overworked with his other fingers. His finger would start to trace the length of the pussy. The fingers would be doing their magic on her. The second finger would now be tracing her pussy. With her every touch, her wetness was increasing. Then his finger would have rubbed her clit. That made her moan. With her head going back, she made sure she held the tub more firmly. Her fingers then moved down and slowly started to go inside her. The slow in and out of the finger was too much for her to handle. She thought that he would make sure he was slow and consistent. Her own middle finger was now going deeper inside her and that was making her mad in passion while imaging him doing that to her. And then after a few more strokes, she had an explosive orgasm. It shook her entire body.  The orgasm was like an electric current running through her and it was full of pleasure. The intensity was something that was just so good. She didn’t realize that she had multiple orgasms together.

She must have dozed off for a bit after fingering herself. When she realized she was still in the tub. She got out and cleaned herself, she noticed her nipples were still erect from her masturbation earlier. She wore a white transparent lace nighty and matching underwear. As she was alone in the house, she could wear anything she wanted. She decided to go and cook for herself. She put on some pop songs while cooking to change the tempo and pouring her fourth glass of wine. She noticed it was around 9.15pm and then smiled thinking after two days her would be with her at this time.

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The music was groovy and she started to dance to it, while cutting the veggies for the pasta. She was lost in her own world, dancing all over the place. She didn’t notice till

“Oh!damn that’s a fine ass.”

She turned to see him standing there, surprised and happy and shocked she ran to him. Kissing him like this is the last second of life. Her kiss was full of passion. The kiss turned into a very long and intense smooch. After she let him go, he took a breath of air.

“You are such a big liar.” She said to him.

“Hello, what did I lie about; it’s about seeing my favorite ass dancing away to glory.” He said while grabbing her ass.

“What about your meeting love?”

“No meeting is more important than this ass. It’s still on we will do it from here on Skype. I can’t work without my CMO. And nothing comes in my private time with my sexy wife.”

With this, he sealed her lips with another passionate kiss. They both started to touch each other’s skin feeling the warmth of it. His touch on her skin always left her tantalizing. Her touch on his skin always increased his hunger for her. Even after being married for some time, their passion always remained.  Again after the kiss, they were out of breath. They were just looking into each other’s eyes when she closed her eyes to kiss him again. Her hand reached for the buttons of his shirt and started opening them. His hand started tracing her thigh.

The kissing intensified she almost ripped his shirt open. His one hand was pressing on her boobs and the other near panties. He slid her lingerie with ease and started to suck on her nipples. She had amazing perfectly round 36C boobs with hard brown nipples. Holding her weight with one hand and touching her vagina with the other, he steadied her.  As he went on his sucking became harder and her grip on him became stronger. She was arching backward because of the pleasure. He held her tightly while sucking on the nipples alternatively. Both of them were a little breathless from the extreme passion.

“This is the best greeting; I have got in years wifey.”

“There is a lot more of it left hubby.” She swiftly turned and went to the kitchen.

Even now she could render him speechless. He watched her and was still head over heels for her. He went from behind and held her tightly. He started to kiss the back of her neck. This was one of the most sensitive part of her. He slowly kissed the nape of the neck. While kissing he was squeezing her boobs from behind. He made sure he kissed every inch of her neck. His one hand was sliding in her panties and one hand squeezing her boob. She had taken the support of the kitchen counter to support both their weights.

As he slid his finger inside her panty, he could feel the wetness. He slid his finger inside her, giving her a jolt of excitement. He made sure that the kiss on the neck, the squeezing of the boob and the insertion of his finger into her pussy where all in sync. With her pussy extremely wet after a couple of minutes of fingering, he took off her panties. She turned around and touched his bulging dick. It was about to explode through his pants. She unzipped him and her favorite toy was out there. She got on her knees and sucked him. She licked the head of his penis, and then slowly took the whole 7inch thick thing in her mouth. She went on and on and then he stopped her and pulled her up.

He bent her on the table and she was bent over in doggie style. He touched her pussy with his dick and rubbed it. Then he inserted it inside her. And then he was thrusting in and out her slowly and steadily. She was moaning with the pleasure with every stroke. He gripped her hair and thrust her harder. He spanked here every now and then which made her moan even louder. He became faster and faster and with one jolt he came and she came together.

He fell on her while they both were on the table. He came out of her and sat down near the table and she came down and hugged him.

“What’s for dinner? I am famished” He said.

“If you liked the appetizer then you will love the main course, honey.”


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