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The air was full of the aromas of coffee being brewed and pancakes being fried, Ridhima and Shiv sat in a quaint little coffee shop just a little ahead of their office building.

“Do you like your coffee with milk or without?” asked Ridhima. After the initial shock of having to work together and the tricky fact that she was going to be replacing him had sort of settled down, Shiv had suggested they get on the handover process and the client introductions immediately. He had been very straightforward almost brusque to the point that when she playfully nudged him asking about their evening plans, he chose to ignore her.

So it came as a relief when Shiv suggested going to the coffee shop nearby and discussing the ‘Way Forward’’. “Are you upset with me or something?….I know the announcement must have come a as a surprise to you, but believe me it was the same for me. I think the management kept it under the wraps for a reason. Possibly they didn’t want the news to be out in the market because that would definitely affect the clientele”. Ridhima was desperately grasping at all the straws to keep the conversation afloat, it had taken her  a very long time to muster up the courage and speak to Shiv about how she felt and now she could feel what walking on thin ice really meant. Shiv was pensively staring down at his coffee, “Not  a good sign” thought Ridhima, brilliant! Now you have gone and kicked him where it hurts the most”.


It was a widely known fact that the clients loved Shiv, aggressive when required, persuasive and sharp Shiv had the reputation of melting clients like butter on a hot pan and in light of the recent events Ridhima did not want to hurt his self esteem ….or ego.

Shiv looked up , his eyes clouded over as he held her hand and kissed it “I am not worried about the clients or the company , I have been thinking about us all this while and how difficult it’s going to be staying away from you. It’s not just the physical distance but I don’t want to lose you mentally”.

His fingers gently stroked her palm tracing the lines sending pleasant shivers down her entire body.  Ridhima had never felt this electrified and alive ever in the 25 years of her existence. She wanted to draw him closer and touch his lips, run her tongue over them; she wanted him to kiss her right there right now in the middle of everything uncaring and unsparingly oblivious of everything else that existed.




“Let’s get out of here”, she found herself pulling him out of the chair towards the parking lot. She lived nearby and wanted to get there with him as soon as possible. Ridhima Gupta as this very moment had stopped caring as to what would be the consequences of this bold move, it was very simple..she wanted him and she wanted him now.

Ridhima open the door to her flat with Shiv in tow, her heart was thudding against her ribcage and there was this indescribable feeling in the pit of her stomach, exhilaration and fear. Shiv had been sitting passively all through the drive, just gently stroking her palm and the snap of her neck, “Rids I wanna call you Rids sweetheart, I love this tattoo that you have at the nape of your neck, it’s so tantalizing so inviting”. His deep sexy voice excited Ridhima even furthers making her drive a little faster than required; they had reached her place in no more than 15 minutes.

She poured two glasses of chilled Château d’Ori Sauvignon Blanc and came out in the living area, Shiv was standing with his back towards her looking at the picture frames on her wall. “I have taken the liberty of choosing the wine for you, hope you will like it”, said Ridhima while handing over Shiv his glass.

They both clinked their glass, Shiv’s eyes never left Ridhima’s as he took her hand and pulled her towards him. “This is a dream come true for me love’, whispered Shiv as he put his hands around her slim waist and hugged her.


Then  Shiv kissed her on her cheek. He was resting his hands  on her back and stroking her gently. He then moved his tongue to Ridhima’s neck. Ridhima felt a huge jolt in the pit of her stomach as his started tracing the contours of her face with his lips. Shiv was unstoppable. Suddenly he removed one of the straps of her dress and was kissing and licking her shoulders and pressing her boobs from above the dress.

Ridhima  moaned and said” Ahhh.. mmm why do you have to go so far away from me; its not fair”.

Shiv looked disappointed but kept playing with shoulders, he kissed her cleavage and slipped off the other strap , the dress fell on the floor.  He kneeled down, held her waist with both hands and moved his face close to her waist. He was rubbing his face with her belly and said “I love your waist so much jaan” and kissed the belly button.

Ridhima kept her hands on his head playing with his hair and said ”Your touch is making me mad

Shiv  was kissing all over her belly, pressing her ass and Ridhima was torn between moaning with pleasure and gasping at his audacity. He kissed her pussy above on her panties making her wet inside. She had never been this turned on ever; this had to be the most incredible feeling in the world.

She was closing her eyes and biting her lower lip. Her beautiful boobs were enclosed in the scarlet  lace bra.. Her cleavage was clearly shown. Like a line is entering from her chest to her blouse. Her beautiful slim belly was completely exposed with that round and deep navel like a well in a desert.

Shiv suddenly got up and turned her around, pinning her against the wall, he was behind her holding her wrists tight. He was fingering her navel with the other hand.

Ridhima  could not resist more and turned around. She started kissing Shiv’s face tearing away at his shirt. Then she unhooked his jeans and removed it. He was in his underwear. She buried her face into his groin and pressed his cock from above . She slowly lowered his underwear and removed it. A monster suddenly appeared near her face. It was erect, black, 8″ long, 3″ width with a large head. Ridhima looked up at him, Shiv had closed his eyes and was breathing really fast.

Se touched that rod slowly, gripped that with right hand. Slowly she pulled the foreskin of dick down and pushed up. She was doing it so slowly.

She looked up and asked”you enjoying it baby??”

Shiv could only moaned “Hmmm”

Then she pulled down his cock to maximum, his large red dick-head was at top. Ridhima took out her tongue and kept it on the dick-head. Shiv started to shiver. She spat on his dick head and moved his dick’s foreskin up and down. She took the dick and put it in her mouth, she was sucking the dick like that is the most delicious lollipop of the world.

After sometime Shiv started moving his dick to and fro. He was fucking Ridhima in her mouth while she played with his balls. He shouted”ohh lord”. He came in her mouth. Some cum drops flowed down from her mouth. Shiv looked spent and relaxed.

Shiv pulled Ridhima up cupped her boobs and started unhooked her bra deftly. The freed the beautiful mounds from their captivity and put the left nipple in his mouth sucking on it gently while pressing the other nipple with his fingers.

He kneaded them sucked on them roughly, making her cry out in pain. Suddenly her doorbell rang……it was her Flatmate Kavita, who was back from her work.