Ridhima was just putting finishing touches to the last slide when her cell rang. trrrring trrrring

Tutting voraciously she gave the phone screen a cursory glance, mildly annoyed at being interrupted as she was finishing the dreaded pitch, her pitch perfect.

It was him the only human who could break her sage like concentration. Chewing on the tip of her pen , Ridhima contemplated whether to pick up or not.

Suddenly someone touched the small of her back, startled she spun around on her chair and there he was, big deep black eyes, a killer smile wrought with mischief and that perfectly chiseled jawline …..Sigh and damn him; thought Ridhima, no one should be allowed to look to perfectly edible.

‘What do you want Shiv??’  Asked Ridhima feigning irritation, do you not see I am busy with work?

Laughing sardonically Shiv leaned in, so close you could smell him, all male with a woody aftershave mixed with pheromones scent. ‘I want you to shut that damn laptop down and come downstairs with me. And yeah I know how busy you are, but taking a short break won’t burn the client’s ass!’ He gave a quick peck on her cheek and walked off whistling away to glory.

Ridhima was left gaping like a fish after him, ‘thank god no one saw, the nerve of him to kiss me right in the middle of the office floor like I am some common floozy! She hated his guts and yet she could feel that familiar sensation in the pit of the stomach, the throbbing in her loins it was him that she couldn’t ignore, hate yet but not ignore.

Walking quickly out of the lift she peered around the of the basement which was completely deserted. Spooky place she mumbled under her breath as she walked past the aisles assigned to their company employees, just then someone grabbed her from behind roughly.  Shiv  grabbed her by her hair and pinned her against the pillar! She gasped audibly as he engulfed her is a tight hug. ‘ Dammit!  We need to stop doing this, I am getting married in week!!!’  She protested trying to get away from his tight grasp. Shiv buried his face in her hair murmuring her name, Rids it’s been really long let’s not fight common don’t push me away, I love you always have and always will. Hearing his low sultry voice was like little drops of fire to already smoldering pit of feelings. She groaned against his shoulder, her strife going away. She had always felt powerless against his manliness, his touch his smell.

Ridhima was pinned against the wall powerless against his mouth which was taking liberties, his hands reached down for the strings of her salwaar and pulled, and she gasped protesting feebly. We shouldn’t do this, lets not please!!! By that time Shiv’s hands were already down there stroking her sweet spot making her moan and squirm. ‘You know you want it, and I know you want it..so lets not play games anymore. He pushed two of his fingers in her moist hole, probing, and feeling making her want to fuck.

He pushed her hands down to his bulging crotch, and suddenly all hell broke loose for her. Ridhima went down on her knees pulling down the zipper of his jeans, releasing his rock hard dick. She cupped his balls while stroking his shaft. He gripped her hair tightly and she liked his dick in long strokes and was about to take it wholly in her mouth that her phone rang. It was her Fiancée Sameer calling….