I woke up, flustered and wet again. Oh!! Did I just have a wet dream again? I need to stop reading these erotic stories at night. Although this last one was amazing. As I let my brain slip into those words and my hand finding the right spot down under, my memory was serving me well by providing the images from the story last night. I could Imagine that ripped sweaty body of his, making his way towards me and….  Then my mom knocked on the door.

Frustrated, yet happy I forced myself into the shower. The images weren’t leaving my head. This was the first time one story had so much impact on me. There was something about the way it was written, the words were like a music you can’t get out of your head.

Getting ready was a task as my fingers always found a way between my legs. Either my hormones were kicking in or it was time I got something hard and erect. Things became a little more exciting when I saw my favorite toy under my clothes. My brain quickly saw the watch and gave me a go ahead.

My reddish pink toy was about 6 inches, which was more than enough for the moment. As I was already wet, it didn’t take much time to penetrate inside. Today was going to be fast and rough. Thrusting in and out with my toy, I went. Gasping for breath, I didn’t wanna slow down. And in a matter of time, I came, shaking my entire body. My brain wanted to stop but my hand was in its own world, I pushed it further in. I had reached new heights of satisfaction & pain. I touched my G-spot. And then I came like the lighting comes in the thunder. This was all I needed to feel content and ecstatic.

Rushing out of my house with my sandwich in my hand, I was sated. This lasted just a few minutes until I saw the rush at the metro station. This was the worst part of the day to fight to get on the train. It felt as if I was going for my battle.

As my mood got used the stink and the chaos, I saw him. “I am still having images from the story”, I said to myself. And then I saw him again. But wait I can’t imagine twice. And then, again and again, I felt my brain was playing tricks on me. The crowd was making it very difficult to see. I had to be sure. Controlling my urges and craziness, I waited to get a better look.

As the compartment cleared up, I breathed a sigh of relief. But I couldn’t see him, my brain was playing tricks on me. And then I saw him clearly, and I was clearly in awe. He saw me ogling over him and he smiled and looked away. Oh yes!! He looked like the image I had since morning. Yes, he wasn’t half naked and wasn’t tanned but was a good version of my imagination.

His body was in good shape, not as tall as my picture. His eyes were sensuously intoxicating. How would it feel to kiss those lips and look into those eyes and let go? I wanted him there and then, it would be just steamy and hot. Lady wake up, my brain said, he knows you are staring again. Shut up, brain. Stop fidgeting. Shit! He knows I was staring. What-what-what!!! Do I do? And he just smiled. Crap, holy mother of God, what if he says something, wait how do I look? Is my ass too big in these pants? Is my lipstick matching?

The sudden stop of the metro just woke me up from own thoughts. He was inches away from me as I opened my eyes.

“Would you like to sit?” He said.

I was beyond flabbergasted. All I could come up with was “Huh!!!!”

Smiling, he asked again “Would you like to sit?”

Disoriented in my head, I said “Yes”. Although I was still not sure what he was saying. Quickly recollecting myself I took the seat he had offered me.

He was standing, right in front of me, which made it a little difficult for me to look at his him. I wanted to make it really obvious but I couldn’t do it. He would look at me and smile every time we had an eye contact. My glance went to his “thing”, and images were all I had in my head. So how big would it be? How thick will it be? Will I be able to take it? How about a blowjob? Will go down on me? And then I realized I was getting wet again. I saw him checking out my boobs. I put my bag on my lap.  Wet, wet wet, I am again wet.

My station just came and I had to get down and to my surprise, he also got down.  He was right behind me on the escalator. He came in close to touch me but not touching me. Standing behind in the line towards, he bumped by accident. Oh!! Or was it by choice. As he brushed past me, without hesitation I followed him. He led us to a small corner near the underground parking.

As we stood there in front of each other, a current ran through the air. And we kissed. A small peck, a pause and then a smooch, a pause then a crazy long smooch, which left us breathless, one more pause and we were at it again. Your tongues were playing a fast tune, which was racing into the private parts. I took the lead and touched his toy. Oh!!yes, it was hard. His hands went inside to touch my boobs. His hands felt awesome, squeezing & pinching. My hand was going & up down his toy. Unhooking my bra, I gave him full access and his lips were on my nipples, moaning & falling back, I lost a balance but he held me.

Sucking and biting, he opened my jeans button. My cue!! Yes.. Without hesitation, I took my friend out of the constraints. Looking down, my smile said it all. And without any delay, my mouth was doing things. As I went slow, I shocked him by deep-throating him. As his grip tightened on me, I knew he was gonna come anytime, I stopped and came up. Oh the bitch in me was clapping with joy. That pause was his cue. And he started to finger me. And then I whispered, “Go inside”, he had to oblige me, as his toy was in my hand. And as I came closer, I gave him the up and down with my hand. Just a matter of seconds before he was gushing, that was a lot of cum. He made sure, I had my share, and he finished me off.

This was the first time that I had fingered myself in the office washroom. Wow!! This was awesome. What if, we didn’t go separate ways after getting down. Sigh!!!! Straightening myself, I went back to work. Smiling like a buffoon!!